Labour and Welfare Services

Below is a list of all the Labour and Welfare services that are rendered by the Embassy to the citizens of Bangladesh. For more information, please do not hesitate to call us (+973 17233925) during office hours. We are here to serve your needs and help you in any way possible.

Labour-related Services

  • Legalizing illegal workers
  • Labour market exploration
  • Skill development training
  • Job placement

Welfare-related Services

  • Financial support to sick or disabled workers travelling from Bahrain
  • Financial support to the family of deceased workers in Bangladesh
  • Facilitation of ambulance services in Bangladesh
  • Issuance of change of vehicle ownership letter
  • Issuance of visa status letter
  • Issuance of certificate for loan from Probashi Kallyan bank
  • Legal support to workers in Bahrain
  • Legal support to workers in Bangladesh
  • Resolution of pending salary cases
  • Resolution of passport captured cases
  • Sponsorship change / mobility case resolution
  • Support to accident case and sick workers
  • Handling matters pertaining to Bangladesh School
  • Providing financial support to workers for medical treatment
  • Providing financial support to sick, undocumented or stranded workers for traveling back to Bangladesh
  • Providing financial aid of 3 Lakh BDT from WEWB to the family members of deceased workers
  • Issuing authorization letters for financial support/money for return ticket from the LMRA
  • Power of Attorney attestation
  • Issuance of good conduct certificate
  • Settling disputes and grievances