Welcome Message

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Welcome to the new, identical and unified website of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

I am very pleased to invite you to browse the website which we hope will serve as a one-stop portal and link between the Embassy and the wider host community in Bahrain. The website serves as a reliable source of information on Bangladesh, its people, and government. We have included updated information on business, trade and investment opportunities and incentives offered by Bangladesh. The website also contains useful links to essential services provided by various agencies and departments in addition to the consular services offered by the Embassy. The updated information on consular matters and Labour Welfare issues, we hope, will ensure more timely and efficient service. 

Bangladesh-Bahrain have been maintaining an excellent relations since establishment of diplomatic relations, and the Embassy is committed to strengthening bilateral relations in every sphere including political, economic, trade, manpower, sports and cultural relations and adding further content and dynamism in coming days. 

The Embassy will provide regular updates on the various activities and functions organized by our Mission and seek the community’s active engagement and participation in these. We have undertaken a number of initiatives including updating the community database and organizing special services for Bangladeshi expatriates community in Bahrain – please visit our website as well as Facebook Page for updates on these activities. I request you to register with the Embassy by sending us an e-mail at mission.manama@mofa.gov.bd.  All information will be kept confidential. 

The Embassy and I remain committed to serving all stakeholders in Bahrain as well as in Bangladesh to the best of our abilities. We welcome your suggestions and feedback on any of the services we render. For this, please send your views, comments and feedback to us at mission.manama@mofa.gov.bd.

With warmest greetings,

Md. Nazrul Islam, PhD

Former Ambassador